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10 Mar 2015

EUA publishes policy brief on potential impact of EFSI on universities

The European University Association (EUA) published an analysis of the EU Investment Plan’s potential impact on universities on 6 March 2015.

In its policy brief, the EUA states that the university sector is "unlikely to benefit from the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)", makes proposals how to shift the envisaged cuts away from Horizon 2020, since this would damage to Europe’s long-term research capacities.

The EUA in particular ciritcised the creation of "a worrying precedent whereby research funds can be diverted for other purposes, disregarding previous formal commitments made to the Horizon 2020 programme." Even though the Competitiveness Council last week acknowledged that research and innovation should be a primary focus of projects benefitting from EFSI loans, the EUA still does not see the EFSI as "a scheme in which universities can expect to be significantly engaged".

Commissioner for Research and Innovation Carlos Moedas is expected to speak at the EUA's annual conference on Thursday, 16 April 2015, which the EUA sees as an "important occasion for the university sector to illustrate its role in research and innovation, express the main challenges and concerns, and thus reiterate to policy makers that, if Europe wants to be competitive in the long run, research budgets are not the place to take money from."

For further information:

EUA press release

EUA policy brief


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