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03 Mar 2015

Commission launches new Policy Support Facility

The European Commission launched a new Policy Support Facility (PSF) on 3 March 2015. The PSF is designed to help EU Member States reform their research and innovation policies, with a view to enhancing renewed growth and creating jobs. The first countries to make use of the PSF are Bulgaria and Hungary. A Peer Review will be carried out for Bulgaria, making recommendations for improvements to public funding of research, to research careers, and to knowledge transfer between academia and business. Later in the year, the PSF will support Hungary in a similar peer review, with a view to improving existing Hungarian research and innovation policies.

European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas said: "To exit the crisis and build solid foundations for growth and jobs, all EU Member States face the task of reforming their research and innovation systems. We need to work together to best tackle the challenge of how to identify and implement those reforms that are key to achieving sustainable growth."

The European Commission defines the Policy Support Facility as a new instrument to give EU Member State governments practical support to identify, implement and evaluate those reforms needed to enhance the quality of their public funding. The PSF supports government officials from other countries to peer review the effectiveness of research and innovation policies and provides access to independent high level expertise and analysis. Up to euro 20 million of funding are provided for the PSF under Horizon 2020.

For further information:

DG Research and Innovation press release

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