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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

03 Mar 2015

Annual Report 2014 summarises JRC support of main EU policies

The JRC's Annual Report provides highlights of research activities carried out over the year in support of the main EU policies. Topics include economic and monetary union; innovation, growth and jobs; digital agenda; energy and transport; environment and climate change; agriculture and global food security; security and disaster risk reduction; health and consumer protection, and nuclear safety and security.

According to the responsible European Commissioner Tibor Navracsics, the JRC work plays a transversal role, cutting across almost all policy areas. He says his aim is to build on the JRC’s solid experience in transforming scientific research into evidence to support policy.

One year into his term as Director-General of the JRC, Vladimir Šucha mentions a growing demand for scientific support and adds that the JRC remains committed to maintaining its reputation as one of the leading organisations in feeding scientific knowledge into policy making.

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