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02 Mar 2015

Research Ministers discuss how EFSI can support investments in R&I

On 3 March 2015, the second day of the Competitiveness Council, EU research ministers are discussing relations between research, innovation and the digital economy and how these areas can boost growth and competitiveness. They will also deal with Big Data and what the EU can do to speed up transition to a data economy.

Another topic of the meeting will be the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI). As a follow-up to Horizon 2020 budget cuts, in order to finance the EFSI, Ministers will be asked to suggest ways how the EFSI could help create sustainable research and online infrastructure, and the conditions that need to be put in place to encourage companies to invest in research and innovation.

As part of the annual growth survey for 2015, ministers will talk about the structural reforms to national R&I systems that will be best placed, in their view, to improve the quality of the strategies, programmes and research institutions and, more generally, to maximise the impact of R&I investment.

Over lunch, ministers will discuss the preparation of the ERA roadmap (for establishing the European Research Area by deciding on concrete measures) which should be finalised by April 2015.

To read the agenda and meeting documents click here.

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