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05 Feb 2015

ERC announces "Proof of Concept" grant winners

In the latest ERC "Proof of Concept" competition, a total of 120 researchers are funded. The last 59 were announced on 5 February 2015. The budget for the entire call is €18 million. In total, 442 applications were submitted under this call, which is a 51% increase compared to the previous call. In this second round of the call, grants go to researchers in 15 countries across the Europe: the Netherlands (11), the United Kingdom (9), Spain (8), France
(6), Israel (6), Germany (4), Italy (4), Switzerland (3), Ireland (2), Belgium (1), Finland (1), Greece (1), Norway (1), Sweden (1) and Turkey (1). The complete list of the 59 winners by country of host institution can be downloaded here:

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