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28 Jan 2015

Commissioner Moedas stresses importance of ERC

In a speech given at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week. Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation stressed the important role of the ERC in maintaining Europe's global competitiveness.

Talking about "Keeping Europe on the map in an ever more competitive world through the ERC", Mr. Moedas stated that fundamental, visionary research was "vital to our future prosperity", and would "give rise to new business opportunities and greatly increase our global competitiveness". In this context, the Commissioner stressed the importance of Horizon 2020 as "our biggest public research programme to date" in general, and of the ERC (European Research Council) as part of Horizon 2020 in particular. The ERC has supported more than 4,300 Principal Researchers of 64 different nationalities in 600 research performing organisations in 30 EU and Associated Countries so far, funding a very broad range of research, including research addressing the grand challenges facing European and global society.

The Commissioner explained that "to keep our economy competitive we must remain at the forefront of research, science and innovation. To remain at the forefront, we must encourage researchers to take risks." He sees secured funding, in the form of grants, as freeing "researchers from concerns about the immediate impact of their work, multiple grant applications and pressure to publish. It allows especially young, emerging leaders to really focus on their core research."

To remain a competitive global partner, Europe needs the best researchers, ground-breaking scientists and innovators, Mr. Moedas concluded.

For the full text of Commissioner Moedas' speech, see

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