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12 Nov 2014

Science Europe regards diversity of European science systems as strength

Science Europe, a Brussels-based association of European research funding and research performing organisations, has released a position statement on priority 1 of the 2012 EC ERA Communication, "More Effective National Research Systems". Both the European Commission and the Member States are currently reviewing the Commission's approach to the European Research Area (ERA) and preparing an "ERA Roadmap" for 2015.

Science Europe's position paper considers the current debate on the effectiveness of national research systems to be too strongly focused on the issues of funding modes within a "simple market analogy" and advocates an approach allowing for more mutual learning, as there is still limited knowledge on the complexity of the drivers behind the effectiveness of national research systems. According to Ms Amanda Crowfoot, Director of Science Europe, "the diversity and richness of the different European research systems are a strength that needs to be preserved" and a factor to be considered when revising ERA policy.

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