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05 Nov 2014

SCAR launches 4th SCAR Foresight Exercise

The Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) has launched its 4th Foresight Exercise, the latest in a series that has helped devising European strategies and instruments in the area of agricultural research.

With "Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the Bioeconomy - A Challenge for Europe" as its title, the 4th SCAR Foresight exercise aims at identifying emerging research questions and anticipating future innovation challenges that can support the implementation of the European Bioeconomy Strategy. It explores actual and potential future interactions between the primary sector and the bioeconomy. Internal contradictions within sectors, and possible conflicts among sectors, are a major point of interest.

Taking a participative approach, the Foresight exercise will organise three interactive Brussels-based workshops with members of SCAR and its working groups, the European Commission and various stakeholders of the bioeconomy.

The final report of the 4th Foresight exercise will be delivered to the SCAR in June 2015 and will be disseminated through a seriesof national events and a EU-level stakeholder conference from September 2015 onwards.

For further information on the 4th SCAR Foresight, please contact the SCAR Foresight Group:

Elke Saggau (DE)

Egizio Valceschini (FR)

Stefano Bisoffi (IT)

or the SCAR Secretariat: Barna Kovacs (DG RTD)

For further information on previous SCAR Foresight exercises, see



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