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24 Sep 2014

Competitiveness Council to discuss ERA and Europe 2020 Strategy

On Friday, 26 September 2014, European research ministers will meet at the Competitiveness Council to address research and innovation issues. Their main focus will be on implementation of the European Research Area (ERA) as well as on the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The ministers' policy debate on the state of implementation of the ERA will be based on the second ERA Progress Report recently presented by the European Commission. Their exchange of views on the progress made on completing the ERA in the member states will seek to identify possible future areas for action.

Research ministers will also discuss the mid-term review of the Europe 2020 Strategy for Growth and Jobs. The main aim of the review is to draw lessons from the first four years of the strategy's implementation and to ensure it constitutes an effective tool for jobs and growth creation in the period following the economic crisis. Research ministers will focus their debate on the reforms and resources that can help to build a political and economic landscape with innovation and research as new sources of growth and employment.

Competitiveness Council agenda:

ERA Progress Report:

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