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16 Sep 2014

Switzerland associated to parts of Horizon 2020

Last Friday, the Swiss authorities and the European Commission confirmed that Switzerland will be considered an associated country to parts of Horizon 2020 as of Monday 15 September 2014. This announcement was made on the basis of an agreement for the partial association of Switzerland to H2020 which was reached in summer and will be applied in a provisional and retroactive way. Signature is expected to take place in early December 2014, after due process on both the EU and Swiss side.
The partial association means that researchers based in Switzerland will:
• Be considered as coming from an ASSOCIATED COUNTRY to H2020 for activities within Pillar 1 (Excellent Science), Widening Participation, Euratom and ITER of H2020. Switzerland will also contribute financially to these parts of the programme (pro rata temporis), according to the usual GDP-based formulae.
• Be considered as coming from a THIRD COUNTRY to H2020 for activities within all other parts of H2020 (mainly pillars 2 and 3). As announced below already in June, Switzerland has confirmed that it will give direct funding to Swiss-based researchers who cannot receive funding from the European Commission.
More information can be found at the European Commission's participants’ portal


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