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05 Sep 2014

INCO Newsletter #3

INCO Projects Newsletter supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Centre for Social Innovation „Research Policy and Development“. This quarterly newsletter informs you about international co-operation projects and events relevant for Austrian researchers, research institutions, and project managers. If you want to receive this newsletter via e-mail in the future, please click here to subscribe.

Call for S&T Projects with Russia

Call for projects in the fields of nanotechnology, health, environment and, climate change, and social sciences and humanities

One of the priorities in the "Partnership for Modernisation" between the EU and Russia is to enhance co-operation in innovation, research and development. In this context the ERA.Net RUS Plus initiative implements two joint calls for transnational and scientifically excellent research projects: The first call to open was the one on "Innovation," the second call, which covers for "S&T projects" in the fields of nanotechnologies & materials & production technologies, health, environment & climate change, and social sciences & humanities, is now open!

By science & technology (S&T) projects are meant joint research and development (R&D) projects undertaken by a partnership of institutions designed to produce new knowledge through fundamental, experimental and/or theoretical scientific research, whereby each team of the partnership actively pursues specific objectives with a view to pooling the results to contribute to common, well-defined objectives. Austrian researchers can be supported in consortia with partners from Russia, and certain EU member states and countries associated to the Horizon 2020 by the FWF in the following topics of social sciences and humanities: 4.1 Understanding conflict, identity, and memory: past and present;  4.2 Demographic change, migration and migrants;  4.3 Opportunities for and challenges to regional development and social cohesion.. Find out more...

Deadline for submission of pre-proposals: 25 September 2014

Call for Proposals for Biotechnology in Health

INDIGO POLICY has issued a call for proposals for European-Indian research teams working on biotechnology in the field of health

The INDIGO POLICY linking programme will support the establishment of multilateral virtual laboratories, involving minimum 2 European and 1 Indian research teams in biotechnology in the field of health. This programme is mainly designed for: (1) already existing co-operation between 2 European teams who wish to extend their activities with an Indian team; (2) already existing bilateral co-operation between a European team and an Indian team who wish to extend their activities with a European team; (3) informal multilateral co-operation involving minimum 2 European and 1 Indian teams willing to formalise their co-operation. Find out more...

Deadline for submission: 29 September 2014 at 12:00 CET / 15:30 IST

Find out more online and please feel free to contact Ms Audrey Gahéry

Latin America and the & Carribean

3 open calls and a networking opportunitiy to enhance research co-operation with Latin America and the Carribean

In the framework of the ERANet-LAC project (Network of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean Countries on joint innovation and research activities), the 1st joint call on research and innovation of programme owners in the Member States of the European Union (MS), the Associated Countries to the 7th Framework Programme (AC), the Latin-American and the Caribbean Countries will be launched on 16 September 2014. Find out more...

Under the ERANet-LAC project a call for expression of interest for pilot co-ordination actions was launched. This call is open to programme and infrastructure managers targeting any field of study. Find out more...

Deadline for submission: 1 October 2014

The EU-LAC Foundation's six-monthly open call for research projects, second semester 2014 edition, is now open for applications. The open call seeks to stimulate research on issues relevant to the relationship between the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Find our more...

Deadline for submission: 30 September 2014

The next ALCUE NET-event organized in Europe will be a meeting on biodiversity and climate change in Marseille on 26-28 November 2014. Details will be published on the project website.


Scholarships for PhD & Post-Doc Students

OeAD awarding grants to PhD and Post-doc staff members from Kosovan* public universities

The Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research (OeAD) on behalf of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) of the Republic of Kosova* in frame of the ZSI lead Higher KOS Project (Promoting Institutional Development in Higher Education and Research in Kosovo) is awarding 8 to 10 research grants for Post-doctoral and dissertation research of 1 to 3 months duration. Recipients need to be staff members of Kosovan* public universities, not older than 45 years old, and research in any of the fields of natural sciences, technical sciences, human medicine, health sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Find out more...

Deadline for application: 31 October 2014

Call for Twinning Activities

IncoNets EaP and CA support twinning activities--call now open

IncoNet EaP and IncoNet CA, the "STI International Cooperation Networks for Eastern Europe and Central Asia" will implement "Twinning Grants" as a funding instrument--one of the core activities of these projects. Twinning itself has a long tradition in Europe as a an efficient instrument in capacity building processes. The IncoNet EaP and CA consortia plan to use this instrument to enhance STI cooperation and increase capacities on both sides. The grant scheme is envisaged to become a tool to develop sustainable cooperation among experienced EU and regional partners in the realm of science, technology and innovation. Find out more...

Grants will be awarded on a first come, first serve-basis, early submissions recommended!

News Briefs

» The European Commission's International Research Newsletter in July 2014 focuses on China with reports on the Steering Committee meeting of the bilateral Euratom-China R&D, the EU-China Joint S&T Steering Committee, and the EU-China Task Force meeting on Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology.
» The FP7 funded project Connecting Australian European Science & Innovation Excellence (CAESIE), led by long-term ZSI partner DLR from Germany, supports co-operation between researchers and SMEs in Europe and Australia. Priming grants for travel costs are available until 30 September 2014.
» A recent study published in Nature journal suggests twitter is the most-used online social network for following and discussing current research efforts among the scientific community. Follow us on twitter for regular short updates on news, facts, and happenings from the world of science co-operation!

5th EU-India STI Co-operation Days

INDIGO projects planning EU-India science, technology, and innovation conference on 12-13 November 2014 in Chennai, India

More than 150 scientists, policy makers and other major stakeholders from the public and private sectors from both, India and Europe are expected to attend this event which aims at maximising future scientific and business collaboration in the thematic area of energy. During the event, market opportunities in Europe and India for entrepreneurs will be explored and innovative technologies will be showcased. The event will also support the linking of existing bilateral and multilateral projects on energy. The EU-India STI Days are organised in co-operation with the European Commission and the European Business and Technology Centre.

The conference will feature several different elements which offer ample opportunities for fostering interactions among Indian and European scientific and innovation communities. The Young Scientist 2015 competition will offer young scientists an opportunity to showcase and promote their research projects and co-operation ideas to the EU-India STI co-operation network. Find out more and register for free participation online...

Brokerage Event and Training Workshop

ener2i organises its events on energy innovation back-to-back with the Belarusian Energy Expo on 14-15 October 2014 in Minsk, Belarus

ener2i invites research institutions, universities, companies and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as business support organisations and other interested stakeholders with innovation targets in renewable energy sources or in energy efficiency from Belarus, the European Union, Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, and beyond to participate in the ener2i brokerage event on energy. The brokerage event provides an opportunity for enhancing the co- operation between Belarusian research organisations and businesses, and for establishing direct contacts and partnerships between Belarusian and foreign academic and business representatives, especially those from the EU and EaP countries. Part of the agenda will therefore be dedicated to pre-arranged face2face meetings and networking to find potential partners, present competences, discuss new project ideas and initiate partnerships for bilateral co-operation, or joint projects in Horizon 2020. A limited number of travel-grants for EU companies’ representatives to cover travel, accommodation and visa costs are available for participating in the ener2i Brokerage Event and the ENERGY EXPO. Find out more on the brokerage event...

Back-to-back with the brokerage event, ener2i organises it's first training workshop on innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energy on 15 October 2014. This training workshop is intended for stakeholders, researchers and companies from Belarus. The workshop will facilitate the knowledge transfer from academia to business and support the commercialisation of research results. Find out more on the training workshop...

Similar events will be organised in Chisinau, Moldova on 10-11 December 2014. Information will be published soon at the ener2i website.

Policy Stakeholder Conference

IncoNet CA project organising a policy stakeholder conference on "Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials" in Bishkek, Kyrgyzistan

The Policy Stakeholder Conference (PSC) in Bishkek on 23-24 October 2014, hosted by the parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, will be the first in a series of this type of policy dialogue activities organised under the IncoNet CA project. The aim of the event is to involve key stakeholders and discuss issues related to the societal challenge "Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials" and c-ooperation possibilities between the EU Member States/Associated Countries and the Central Asian Countries in this field. Find out more...


How to Participate in Canadian Funding Programmes?

"Guide for European Researchers to Canadian STI Programmes" published by the ERA-Can+ consortium on co-operation with Canadian researchers

The guide for European researchers, published in English and French, is intended to help European researchers and innovators identify and access opportunities for collaboration with their Canadian colleagues. The guide offers an overview of Canada's science, technology and innovation system and profiles Canadian science, technology and innovation programmes that may be of interest to Europeans. Each programme profile provides a brief description of the programme and of the eligibility criteria for Europeans, as well as contact information for the programme owner.

With its focus on bi-regional research co-operation, the ERA-CAN+ project also helps Canadians to access European funding with a similar guide being published about the possibilities to co-operate under Horizon 2020.

Find out more online and please feel free to contact Ms Isabella Wagner for further information.


Stimulating Innovation in Southeast Asia

ZSI experts edited a SEA-EU-NET report on innovation policies, programmes and related support structures in Southeast Asia

The SEA-EU-NET 2 project has continued its analytical activities with an analysis of innovation support policies, programmes and instruments available in selected Southeast Asian countries, the results of which have now been published in the form of a report. The study aims at supporting innovation policy in both Southeast Asia and partner regions, especially in Europe. It can facilitate policymakers' work by providing a state-of-the-art compendium of innovation support schemes in the region. It can also support innovation performers from the public and private sector in identifying available support for their research and commercialisation endeavours.

The innovation report was a joint effort carried out by a number of specialists both from Europe and Southeast Asia. It was edited by Florian Gruber, Alexander Degelsegger (both ZSI), Rudie Trienes (KNAW) and Svend Otto Remoe (RCN), all from the analysis team of the SEA-EU-NET 2 project. This report will be followed up and accompanied by a related publication on innovation framework conditions (regarding intellectual property rights, material transfer agreements, and public procurement for innovation) to be published in autumn 2014. Download and find out more...

Quo Vadis, Research in the Western Balkan Countries?

Meeting of the Steering Platform on Research for Western Balkan Countries on 24 September 2014 in Trieste, Italy

The Steering Platform, a policy forum of senior officials from the Western Balkan countries, the EU28 and associated countries as well as the European Commission and stakeholders such as the Central European Initative (CEI), the Regional Cooperation Council, OECD, Worldbank and others will meet on 24 September 2014 in Trieste, Italy back-to-back with a conference of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and a CEI minister's conference.

Although the WBC-INCO.NET project ended, ZSI supports the logistics of the event, continuing work of the information office of the platform. The meeting will deal with issues of research infrastructure development in the region as well as the latest developments in the European Research Area and Horizon 2020 after the association of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Among the regional initiatives reporting to the Steering Platform is also Danube-INCO.NET, an FP7 project co-ordinated by ZSI with a focus on R&I co-operation in the Danube Region. CEI PRAISE, WISE, UNESCO and the RCC are other stakeholders. The Italian EU Council presidency co-chairs the meeting (together with the European Commission and Serbia for the WBC) invites to a social event and visits to the scientific infrastructures and centres of excellence in Trieste.

Find out more online and please feel free to contact Ms Elke Dall for further questions.

Summer School in Kiev

Thirty young research managers and project experts from Ukraine will be trained in Horizon 2020 project management skills

The BILAT-UKR*AINA summer school on "European RTDI policies, instruments and participation possibilities" will be held in Kyiv on 15-18 September 2014. The aim of the summer school is to provide a comprehensive training on project development, management, and exploitation of research results in the frame of Horizon 2020. The event shall provide an opportunity for networking and identifying potential fields of common interests among the participants. Thirty participants have been selected to take part in the summer school. Selected participants are young (up to 40 years old) Ukrainian research managers and project experts. Participants will arrive from various regions of Ukraine, such as Kyiv, Lviv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Ternopil. Find out more...


Cluster Meeting in Bogor, Indonesia

Environment research projects from Southeast Asia and Europe met for twinning, knowledge exchange, and identification of follow-up and exploitation opportunities

With the facilitation of Wuppertal Institute, DLR, UNESCAP'S CAPSA and ZSI, SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN successfully organised a cluster meeting for affiliated research projects back-to-back with the ASEAN Science & Technology Week in Bogor, Indonesia, in August 2014. Research projects from the two identified project clusters (climate change and cities, organic and non-organic resources) met and engaged in discussions on their respective focus, results and future plans. Among the workshop formats was an interactive speed dating-like face-to-face exchange session, which led to the identification of future joint activities, the envisaging of joint projects and knowledge exchange in general.

Cluster and other research projects interested in following-up in smaller meetings for proposal preparation and results exploitation will have the opportunity to apply for mobility funds from an upcoming SUSTAIN Call for Proposals. Concretely, funds will be available for preparing future ASEAN-EU environment research collaborations as well as for showcasing and exploiting results of past or ongoing ASEAN-EU collaborative research. Find out more...

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