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19 May 2014

Entrepreneurs and research organisations discussed future use of most innovative technologies


At the KETs summit in Grenoble (France), European and local entrepreneurs together with Research Organisations met to discuss the future challenges for the reindustrialisation of Europe by using the most innovative and strategic technologies. Key Enabling Technologies comprise micro- and nanoelectronics, advanced materials, industrial biotechnology, photonics, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing systems. Most innovative products nowadays, whether it is the smart phone or electric car, incorporate several KETs simultaneously, as single or integrated parts.

This summit was a first concrete answer to the recommendations on Industrial Policy of the European Council in March, which recognised KETs as being of crucial importance for industrial competitiveness. It advocated the strengthening of KETs of great industrial interest by identifying projects of European interest. Michel Barnier, acting Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, chaired the event, in presence of Geneviève Fiorasio, French Secretary of State of Higher Education and Research. The summit was hosted by the president of the High Level Expert Group on Key Enabling Technologies, Jean Therme, on the CEA’s main campus in Grenoble.

Michel Barnier re-stated today the full commitment from the Commission in implementing the EU strategy for the promotion of KETs and highlighted the important steps already taken. At the same time he sent a strong message to both European industry and to the Member State asking for increased cooperation to tackle together the challenge of re-industrialisation, in particular by working together on ambitious industrial projects of European interest. Talking about the potential of KETs for SMEs in particular, the Commissioner acknowledged the need for further helping SMEs in seeing these opportunities.

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