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12 May 2014

Competitiveness Ministers discuss industrial policy and R&I in the EuroMed area

On 12 and 13 May 2014, an informal meeting of the Competitiveness Council will discuss how the European Union can boost industrial policy in the EU and research and innovation in the EuroMed area in Athens.

Starting with the industry part, the Council will examine recent developments in the EU's industrial policy and consider what should be part of a roadmap on industrial policy, following the decisions made by the spring European summit on 20/21 March 2014. To guide the discussions, the Greek Presidency has identified two areas that present major challenges for European industry:

- innovation and key enabling technologies (KET) and how to fill the innovation gap by combining the smart specialisiation strategy with industrial competitiveness, and by analysing the role of KET;

- the competitiveness of energy-guzzling industries, focusing on future prospects and reducing the amount of energy consumed.

During the research part, the 28 EU research ministers will discuss three topics. A debate on cooperation for research and innovation in the EuroMed area will be followed by a talk on the aspects of the European Commission report on innovation in the marine economy that was published on 8 May 2014. The final topic will be introduced by the chair of the European expert group on the assessment of innovation partnerships. The group has made a number of recommendations on how to improve innovative European partnerships regarding the criteria for the launch of new innovative European partnerships and how the partnerships are organised.

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