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28 Feb 2014

INCO Newsletter #1

INCO Projects Newsletter supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Centre for Social Innovation „Research Policy and Development“. This quarterly newsletter informs you about international co-operation projects and events relevant for Austrian researchers, research institutions, and project managers. If you want to receive this newsletter via e-mail in the future, please click here to subscribe.



EU-CELAC Senior Official Meeting Approaching

This year’s EU-CELAC Senior Official Meeting (SOM) Is Approaching and Will Be Hosted by Costa Rica on April 4th in San José

The regular summits of Head of States from the European Union and Latin America and the Carribean were established as a regular bi-regional dialogue on Research & Innovation (R&I) to consolidate CELAC-EU cooperation to implement the Joint Initiative on Research and Innovation (JIRI) by updating common priorities, encouraging mutual policy learning and ensuring the proper implementation and effectiveness of cooperation instruments through biannual Action Plans. From January 2013, the summit process is known as Community of Latin America and the Caribbean-European Union (CELAC-EU). The ALCUE NET project is an important instrument to feed the Senior Officials Meetings (SOM) with analytical evidence on the current situation of the bi-regional cooperation and to reflect its suggestions and recommendations. Find out more...

EVAL-INNO Final Conference on 25-26 March 2014

Fostering Evaluation Competencies in Research, Technology and Innovation in the SEE Region (EVAL-INNO)

After almost three years, the project EVAL-INNO is entering its final stage. The final conference will present the main results and efforts achieved by the project. It will furthermore show the opportunities for long-lasting future action and the possible sustainability through ownership in the region. The conference will display the most crucial findings in the following fields covered by the project, such as mapping of the regional RTDI evaluation culture, preparation of evaluation standards and trainings, public procurement (tendering) in innovation evaluations, setting up of the virtual regional RTDI Evaluation platform, programme evaluation and benchmarking exercise, and promotion of international exchange and sustainability. The project is expecting a vast participation to the conference by its partners, evaluators, programme owners, national and international stakeholders, policy makers and public authorities.

The event will further promote the extension of the project´s goals beyond its conclusion and the possibility of cross-fertilization with similar initiatives. EVAL-INNO is financed from the Southeast Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (SEE-TCP) and national contributions by the participating countries from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia. Find out more...

WBC-INCO.NET Final Conference and Brokerage Event

Towards 2020: New Horizons for RTD and Innovation in the Western Balkan Region

“Towards 2020: New Horizons for RTD and Innovation in the Western Balkan Region” – WBC-INCO.NET Final Conference and Brokerage Event" organised in Vienna on March 27/28 will provide an environment to build new partnerships and link todays' research and innovation with visions for the future. Organised for celebrating the end of activities by the project and to maximise its achievements throughout the years, the event will moreover foster the dissemination of high quality and targeted information on research achievements in and from the Western Balkan countries. Read more...

Networking for EU Research Projects

SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN Organising a Network Meeting for EU Research Projects in Climate Action, Resource Efficiency, and Raw Materials

The SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN project is inviting interested research projects to a network meeting in Bruxelles, Belgium, on 28 March 2014. After a successful SUSTAIN project networking and clustering meeting in Bangkok on 23 January 2014 this meeting is an excellent opportunity for European research projects in the fields of climate action, resource efficiency, and raw materials to network with fellow environmental research projects with an ASEAN focus and/or relevant research results for the region; to identify and harness synergies with other projects (possible future co-operation, sharing of results and work, etc.); and to get in touch with the SUSTAIN team, communicating what kind of support research efforts the invited research projects would benefit from most. Find out more...

Danube-INCO.NET Successfully Launched

Kick-off Meeting with Project Partners Held in Vienna, Austria

The project Danube-INCO.NET kicked off on February 3 and 4, 2014 in Vienna, upon the invitation of the Austrian coordinator (ZSI) and the Austrian Federal Ministry as project partner (BMWFW). The event took place at Palais Ferstel. After the presentation of the work to be done in the work packages, many informal meetings and discussions took place in order to arrange the upcoming tasks and events. Read more...

Widening Participation in EU12+1

Mobilising Institutional Reforms in Research and Innovation Systems

Widening participation of the research communities of the countries who joined the EU since 2004 in European research programmes, notably Horizon 2020, has become a key policy issue. The MIRRIS project (Mobilising Institutional Reforms in Research and Innovation Systems) aims at encouraging a better exploitation of European research and innovation programmes and participation in the European Research Area of the 13 target countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia) by setting up a process of analysis, dialogue, mutual learning among key concerned stakeholders, namely research, innovation and institutional actors.

ZSI is actively engaged in this project which started on 1 July 2013 and has provided a Policy Dialogue Methodology. The tangible outcome of the Policy Dialogue should be an action plan with a roadmap and a list of prioritised interventions designed to increase the participation of researchers and research organisations as well as companies from the above mentioned countries in HORIZON 2020.

The first Policy Dialogue meeting will be held in Estonia on 4 June 2014. Find out more...

ERA.Net RUS project successfully concluded

The ERA-NET project with Russia, the ERA.Net RUS, was successfully concluded with 31 January 2014. In the frame of this project, two calls for S&T and innovation projects were implemented and a comprehensive foresight study on EU-Russia research and innovation cooperation was conducted. Analytical support underpinned these activities and Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) was leader of the related Work Package. Moreover, ZSI was task leader of the foresight study, which identified thematic priorities and which resulted in a Vision Paper and Action Plan on perspectives of EU-Russia research and innovation cooperation.

The final ERA.Net RUS workshop was held in Moscow on 30th January 2014. It dealt with impact assessment of foresight studies, and with ensuring impact of the ERA.Net RUS foresight results. The workshop was organized by ZSI in cooperation with the National Research University -- Higher School of Economics in Moscow (HSE) and with the Joint Research Centre -- Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS) of the European Commission. The event was held in the frame of the EU-Russia Year of Science 2014.

ZSI collaborators Manfred Spiesberger, Klaus Schuch, and Gorazd Weiss were involved in the ERA.Net RUS project. A foresight report will be forthcoming at the website of the follow-up project ERA.Net RUS Plus in the course of 2014. ZSI is also involved in the ERA.Net RUS Plus and deals together with HSE with impact assessment of the calls for S&T and innovation projects, which will be launched in the first half of 2014. Find out more...

ASEAN-EU STI Days 2014

Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation Successfully Held in Bangkok, Thailand

The first ASEAN-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Days took place in Bangkok, at Thailand's Science Park on 21-23 January 2014, and attracted more than 450 scientists, policy makers, funding agencies, and innovative companies from across ASEAN and Europe. Read more...

WBC-INCO.NET Meeting Series

High Level Policy Dialogue Meeting Series Held in Zagreb, Croatia

A high level political dialogue debate represented by the 15th Steering Platform on Research for Western Balkan countries met on 11-12 December 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. At this meeting Horizon 2020 was in focus, however other topics such as updates on regional cooperation issues, knowledge & technology transfer, ERA, IPA II etc. were also debated. The meeting was upon invitation only. On 12th December, the side event "Future of the Steering Platform” was the right venue to discuss about the sustainabilty of this important political dialogue means. Read more...

Social Scientist's Training Programme Finished

Enhancing Social Scientific Research in Kosovo and its Integration into the European Research Area (ESSIe)

The ESSIE project successfully concluded its training programme for International Social Scientific Research Qualifications consisting of a winter, summer and autumn school (total of 15 days) to strengthen social scientific research capacity in Kosovo. Aim of the comprehensive trainings was to understand, apply and exploit advanced state-of-art empirical social-scientific research methods and European databases. 31 scholars have successfully concluded the ESSIe research training programme. From March to June 2014 a mentorship programme will provide a follow-up for 10 scholars aiming to assist them in their scientific publication endeavours. Short research stays are planned at the University of Vienna, ZSI, FORBA and SORA. Find out more...

ERA-Can+ Launched

Advancing EU-Canada Collaboration in Research and Innovation

A new Canadian-European initiative aims to raise awareness of the growing partnership opportunities for Canadian and European researchers and innovators. The ERA-Can+ project held its kick-off meet-ing in Canada and published a media release which was taken up by CORDIS as well as a wide net-work of Canadian universities. Find out more...

Two New Projects for Sustainable EU-India STI Co-operation

INNO INDIGO and INDIGO POLICY Kicked off in December 2013

With a kick-off meeting in mid-December, the two new EU-India projects started their work  supporting the cooperation in STI between the two world regions. INDIGO POLICY is mainly tasked with supporting the multi-actor STI policy dialogue: the Group of Senior Officials, with accompanying working groups and thematic groups. INNO INDIGO will implement calls for research proposals to network scientists from India with their colleagues in Europe. The two projects are successors of the S&T support project, New INDIGO, that run for 5 consecutive years, implemented 4 calls for research proposals, and ended last year. The Centre for Social Innovation is partner in INNO INDIGO and project coordinator for INDIGO POLICY, which is also a chance for Austria to gain visibility in India. The BMWFW supports both projects as observer, and the FWF is partner in INNO INDIGO. Both projects are financially supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, involving the main European Member States and the most important institutional STI actors from India. Find out more...

ener2i Project Launched

EU FP7 Project Started on Energy Research and Energy Innovation

The European Union FP7 funded project "ener2i - ENErgy Research to Innovation: Reinforcing cooperation with ENP countries on bridging the gap between energy research and energy innovation" started on 1 October 2013. Coordinated by Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) the ener2i project focuses on the need to find innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges like energy supply and usage and the stimulation of innovation activities, directly addressing the gap between new energy research and European industry. The linkages between research and innovation will be stimulated with effective knowledge transfer methods in the ENP countries Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova, and sustainable cooperation between research and innovation actors across EU and ENP countries will be established with support from EU partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and others. Find out more...

IncoNet Eap and IncoNet CA Launched

RTI Co-operation Platforms with Eastern European Partnership (IncoNet EaP) & Central Asian Countries (IncoNet CA) Launched

The kick-off meeting of both 3 years long projects took place in Athens between 18 and 20 September 2013. Both projects have a similar structure with the aim to support the advancement of the policy dialogue among the EU and the target regions. They explicitly focus on the societal challenges that have been identified as equally important to all countries involved during the preceding projects, namely Climate Change, Energy and Health, which will be addressed through various structural activities both at policy-support and operational research-support level. Furthermore concrete measures to strengthen an effective and sustainable innovation partnership between the two regions by launching pilots on basis of variable geometry will be introduced. Find out more about IncoNet EaP and IncoNet CA.


New BILAT Project with Japan Has Started

In September 2013, a new BILAT project, Japan-EU Partnership in Innovation, Science and Technology (JEUPISTE) was launched. For the coming 3 years, JEUPISTE will further enhance the level of Europe-Japan co-operation with richer activities, including contribution to the EU-Japan STI policy dialogues, implementation of bilateral information services, active network building through academic/innovation workshops, operation of help desk and organization of training courses. Find out more...

Kosovo-Austria Research Co-operation

Promoting Institutional Development in Higher Education and Research in Kosovo

The Higher-KOS project supports structural change of the Kosovar Higher Education and Research System towards European standards. Among the practical issues, the project also supported the implementation of 10 trilateral collaborative research projects with a duration of max. 15 months and a funding of max. Euro 15.000 per project. The joint projects are currently implemented. ZSI is also engaged in consulting the Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on the establishment of a Research Agency. A business and foundation plan was prepared and is currently discussed with stakeholders in Kosovo. Find out more...

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