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07 Jan 2014

“One project – one rate” – simplified funding in Horizon 2020

Compared to the 7th Framework Programme, simplification in Horizon 2020 will primarily be achieved at the level of funding rates. According to the principle „one project – one rate“, research actions will be funded with rates up to 100 percent, and innovation actions with rates up to 70 percent of the total eligible costs. As an exception, non-profit legal entities will receive up to 100 percent even in innovation actions. Indirect costs will be covered with a single flat rate of 25 percent of the total eligible direct costs.

In Horizon 2020, accelerated processes shall allow for a reduced time to grant of no more than eight months. Furthermore, the Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement will only be signed electronically. Last but not least, the control system will also be simplified, requiring the submission of one Certificate on the Financial Statements (CFS) per partner and project at the most.

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