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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

Partnering in Research and Innovation

CREATED ON 22 Sep 2011


Partnering brings together European and national level public players in Public-Public Partnerships (P2Ps) and public and private players in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), with a number of aims:
– build critical mass to ensure the scale and scope required;
– facilitate joint vision development and strategic agenda setting, including at
international level;
– contribute to the evolution to a programming approach in European R&I so as to realise a broad-based focus embracing all potential partners;
– provide for flexible structures that facilitate the size and scope of a partnership, depending on its nature and goals.

Combined efforts to develop a partnering approach in R&I at European and national level have yielded positive results. The Commission envisages making greater use of partnering concepts and instruments developed and implemented at European level, recognising the need at the same time to avoid adverse effects on competition.


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