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Enlargement Countries' Joint Position on Future EU RTD Programme

CREATED ON 08 Feb 2011


Joint Position Paper on the Future RTD Programme in Europe by the Enlargement Countries Associated to FP7

The "Enlargement Countries Associated to FP7" (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia,Turkey), have taken the initiative to declare their Joint Position on the next Research and Technology Development (RTD) Framework Programme of the European Union, to which they are currently associated.

The purpose of this Joint Position Paper is to point out the perceived shortcomings in current RTD programming in Europe by addressing the comprehensive issues of research and by proposing actions for the future RTD framework programme for better results for Europe.

This Joint Position Paper is the result of a continuous consultation process. The proposal for such a Joint Position was made at the Regional Dialogue meeting held in Becici, Montenegro, on 8 November 2010, within the scope of FP7 coordination action WBC-INCO.NET. The countries involved all held consultation processes with various stakeholders at the national level. The ministries and research councils involved undertook online and virtual consultations to finalise the process.


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