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2009 Interim Report on the OECD Innovation Strategy

CREATED ON 20 May 2009


The 24-25 June 2009 OECD Ministerial Meeting is putting recovery from the global economic crisis on its agenda. The Interim Report on the OECD Innovation Strategy (15 May 2009) reiterates the role of R&D and innovation as keys to recovery:

[...) Innovation will be one of the keys to accelerating recovery and putting countries back on a path to sustainable – and smarter – growth. [...] By providing the incentives for innovation-related investments, and accelerating activities for which barriers may have been otherwise too high, governments can help lay the foundations for a greener economy and durable growth. If this opportunity is handled effectively, countries could be reaping the benefits for decades to come.

[...] Innovation entails investment aimed at producing new knowledge. It results from the interaction of a range of complementary assets which include R&D, but also software, human capital and new organisational structures [...]. These “intangible” assets have become strategic factors for value creation by firms. Their role in the economy has become as important as that of tangible assets, accounting for 5 to 12% of GDP. [...]


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