14 Apr 2020

SAM Group: latest scientific opinion on Sustainable Food System published


On 14 April 2020, the European Commission has published the latest opinion of the SAM High Level Group on Sustainable Food System. The paper will contibute to the European Farm2Fork strategy of the Green Deal which is expected later in spring. With the advice paper, the authors urge the European Commission to take the lead and drive change towards a sustainable food system in the EU and beyond. They recommend that environmental, social and economic sustainability are made the central objectivesof all policies relevant to the food system. In more detail, the group of advisers call on the European Commission to

  • Ensure a fully integrated approach to bring about a sustainable food system by adopting an active step-wise policy transition with responsive, learning-focused policy approaches and governance structures;
  • Address power and informationasymmetries in the food system by increasing the policy focus on food manufacturers and retailers, supporting a food environment that helps citizens to make healthy and sustainable food choices, and strengthening the more vulnerable actors in the food system;
  • Use a well-balanced policy mix in an iterative, responsive and adaptive manner, considering binding policy measures as the main drivers.

The full paper can be downloaded here.