04 Dec 2017

National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary presents position on FP9


The National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary has recently presented a position paper with key recommendations for the next research and innovation framework programme. The paper was elaborated with the active involvement of stakeholders from the Hungarian research and innovation community. It sums up the lessons learned from Hungarian participation in the previous and current framework programmes, and identifies the priorities for Hungary.

Some of the Hungarian key recommendations for the next FP are as follows:

  • Include research, development and innovation as a priority amongst EU policies with a significant increase of the budget at EU and national level, and increase the efficiency through more coordination between EU and national RDI policies and programmes
  • Follow the principles of excellence, cooperation, impact, sustainability, European added value and openness in implementation of the FP
  • Keep a strong focus on scientific and technological excellence but at the same time contribute to the competitiveness of the EU and respond to societal challenges of European relevance
  • Preserve the European Research Area as a core concept and exploit the full potential and capacities of the EU Member States and regions to complete it
  • European Research Council programmes, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and Future and Emerging Technologies initiatives are to be continued and strengthened with substantial budget increase.

Hungarian Position Paper

Press Release