26 Jun 2019

MLE on International Cooperation outlines modus operandi


A Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on National Strategies and Roadmaps for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation is being carried out by the European Commission's Policy Support Facility (PSF) under Horizon 2020. The MLE has published its modus operandi, defining the scope, the objectives, envisaged outcomes and the preliminary time schedule of the MLE. It also describes the working approach and methodology the group will follow as well as the distribution of work of all participants. 

The general objectives of the MLE are to "foster a policy exchange on the various approaches towards international cooperation in R&I: (i) to compare the different policy making: i.e. motivation, process, timeframe, indicators, existence of international benchmarking processes, etc.; (ii) to identify transferrable good practice and joint approaches where relevant (i.e. synergies between countries and/or the EU; innovative approaches, etc.)." The topics to be dealt with are

  • design and development of national strategies for R&I international cooperation
  • tools for international cooperation
  • framework conditions

The MLE is carried out by participants from 15 countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Moldova, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey) and independent experts, supported by the EC's DG RTD and a PSF contractor. The kick-off meeting took place in March 2019. The final report will be presented at a dissemination event in March 2020.