28 Nov 2018

JRC selects 23 event proposals for EP's "Science meets Parliaments and Regions" pilot


Following a call, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has selected a total of 23 event proposals in the framework of the "Science meets Parliaments/Science meets Regions" pilot project, funded by the European Parliament (EP). The objective of the "Science meets Parliaments and Regions" initiative is to promote this concept not only at EU level, but also at national, regional and local levels. The aim is to bring together scientists, policymakers and citizens to explore locally relevant issues with the help of scientific evidence.

The events are organised at the initiative of local stakeholders and are meant to show what science can do for policy, also at a very local and concrete level, with impact on people's everyday lives. The JRC will facilitate the events and provide scientific expertise. The events cover a broad range of topics and will all have science for policy as a core and leading topic. The first event will take place in Poland in December 2018, the rest will take place throughout 2019.

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Full list of selected events with interactive map