15 Jul 2015

Horizon Magazine: Focus on Open Science


The July issue of Horizon: The EU Research & Innovation Magazine, published by the European Commission's DG Research, focuses on Open Science. This focus includes an interview with Professor Alan Irwin from the Copenhagen Business School ("Open Science should help us to question innovation"), who says that Open Science should mean that citizens have the chance to put questions to scientists and have a say on the kind of innovations that are being funded.

Open science is seen as a priority by Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, who, at the recent Conference "A new start for Europe: Opening up to an ERA of Innovation" in Brussels, called for Europe to adopt "a new strategy that is fit for purpose for a world that is open, digital and global".

Other features of the current Horizon Magazine include:

  • Research papers will be free to access, eventually (policy interview with Philip Campbell, Nature)
  • Open Science - lifting the lid on research
  • Here's how to become a scientist - even if you don't have a degree

For reading the articles, see:

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