03 Dec 2020

EUA publishes policy input on new ERA


On 3 December 2020, the European University Association (EUA) has published an input paper on the process to renew the European Research Area which builds on previous position papers and focuses on the topics that are most important to universities.

This paper highlights transversal areas in the new ERA, as well as key matters that will be essential to achieve the ERA’s strategic objectives, the the governance system and financial support. EUA calls on the Commission and Member States to build an inclusive governance system which includes comprehensive dialogue with university representative bodies and other R&I stakeholders, both within the ERAC and the ERA Forum  for  Transition. Enabling dialogue and synergies with the European Education Area would be equally important, according to the paper.

In terms of funding, EUA calls for greater financial means at European and national levels to meet collective ambitions of the European R&I agenda.  Better synergies and strategic alignment among funders and funding programmes would contribute to a more efficient funding landscape, paving the  way for a successful new ERA.

The paper also refers to other aspects such as e.g. a balance of inverstigator-driven and mission-oriented research, institutional autonomy and academic freedom or career paths for early-career researchers.

The paper can be downloaded here:

Perspectives on the new European Research Area from the university sector