25 Feb 2021

EUA concerned about data repository selection criteria

The European University Association (EUA) is joining the global coalition of organisations that endorse the concerns raised by the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) about the report “Data Repository Selection: Criteria that Matter”, which proposes a set of selection criteria for data repositories under the umbrella of the FAIRsharing initiative. EUA states that it regrets the lack of a concerted approach with the communities concerned and states that researchers around the world must have a choice about using community-managed institutional, national, domain or generalist data repositories. COAR and other organisations have raised concerns about the over restrictive nature of the criteria, bearing the risk of forcing researchers in their choice.

EUA claims that selection criteria should be designed with the ambition of identifying existing infrastructures and their benefits, and guiding researchers to the venues that suit their research needs, community practices, funder or institutional policies, or national legislation. The association emphasises that these standards must be designed through a transparent process with the involvement of the academic and repository community and calls for efforts to build on existing community standards and initiatives, such as CoreTrustSeal or the COAR Community Framework for Good Practices in Repositories.

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