01 Oct 2019

ESFRI launches Roadmap 2021 Update


On 25 September 2019, at the Roadmap 2021 Info Day, ESFRI announced the launch of the Roadmap Update, a two-year-long process that will eventually lead to the creation of a new ESFRI Roadmap. The research community was invited to propose new Research Infrastructures that will be included on the ESFRI Roadmap to be published in 2021. The deadline to submit proposals is 5 May 2020.

The Roadmap 2021 will identify new European Research Infrastructures in six thematic fields stimulating the implementation of these facilities. With a vision to maximise the impact of Pan-European investments in Research Infrastructures in terms of science, European and international collaboration and innovation, the Roadmap 2021 will also include a comprehensive analysis of the current infrastructure landscape, review progress of ESFRI Projects currently being implemented and provide strategic guidance on issues of general interest to national governments and Research Infrastructures themselves.

ESFRI Roadmap 2021