16 Feb 2021

ERC launches new mentoring scheme

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced that it is launching a new mentoring initiative to target countries where the levels of participation and success rates in ERC calls for proposals have been modest so far. According to the ERC, local and regional support offices in these countries often struggle to identify international experts to provide coaching and advice for the ERC grant applicants they work with. The new scheme aims to identify ERC grantees and former evaluation panel members to serve as external mentors and reinforce the local programmes that exist to support ERC applicants, providing coaching and advice.  

In order to implement this initiative, the ERC will work with the ERC’s National Contact Points (NCPs) in the countries concerned. The first stage involves identifying local offices in EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries that offer support programmes to potential ERC applicants. Newly published  guidelines for the initiative invite local offices to liaise with their ERC NCP to submit a proposal to participate to the ERC. 

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