07 Jan 2021

ERC grants €8.25 million under Proof of Concept scheme


On 7 January 2021, the European Research Council published the results of the third and final round of its Proof of Concept grant scheme under Horizon 2020. 55 researchers have been awarded a total of €8.25 million, or €150,000 each. The funding will help to explore the commercial and societal potential of their research results. A new low-cost and highly-accurate test for COVID-19, new treatment options for retinal degenerative diseases and blindness, as well as new ways to share cultural expertise in our increasingly diverse European societies, in order to solve conflicts and protect disadvantaged social groups - these are just three examples of how the frontier researchers will use the awarded grants.

The 166 Proof of Concept grants awarded in 2020 went to researchers working in 21 countries: Austria 3, Belgium 8, Switzerland 8, Cyprus 1, Germany 23, Greece 1, Spain 12, Finland 1, France 15, Ireland 1, Israel 11, Italy 17, Luxembourg 2, Netherlands 17, Norway 1, Poland 1, Portugal 2, Sweden 8, Slovenia 1, Turkey 3, UK 30.

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