31 Mar 2020

ERC announces this year's Advanced Grants winners


On 31 March 2020, the European Research Council published the list of 185 winners of the annual Advanced Grants competition. Following this call, 1881 applicants submitted their proposals in all fields of research. Female researchers submitted 19% of proposals and nearly 21% of grants were awarded to women. Grantees will carry out their projects at universities and research centres across 20 EU Member States and associated countries with Germany (35), UK (34) and France (21) hosting most grants. 5 grantees are located in Austria.

ERC competitions are open to researchers of any nationality and, in this round, scientists and scholars of 26 nationalities received funding. The ERC Advanced Grants scheme has been designed for well-established top researchers.

For more information:

ERC Press Release

List of grantees