05 Nov 2020

EC awards € 128 million to 23 H2020 projects addressing corona-related needs and impact


The European Commission has announced that it is supporting 23 new research projects under Horizon 2020 with a total of €128 million to address the continuing coronavirus pandemic and its effects. The 23 projects involve 344 research teams from 39 countries, including 32 participants from 15 countries outside of the EU. The funding will enable researchers to strengthen and adapt industrial capacity to manufacture and deploy equipment such as ventilators, to prevent and treat coronavirus, to develop medical technologies and digital tools such as portable diagnostic system, to better understand the societal impacts of the pandemic, for example on vulnerable and marginalised groups, and to learn from large groups of patients (cohorts) across Europe in order to improve treatment.

The funded projects fall under the following categories:

  • Rapid Repurposing of manufacturing for vital medical supplies and equipment: 4 projects - EU funding: € 22.1 million
  • Medical technologies, digital tools and Artificial Intelligence analytics to improve surveillance and care at high Technology Readiness Levels: 13 projects - EU funding: € 55.2 million
  • Behavioural, social and economic impacts of the outbreak responses: 4 projects - EU funding: € 28 million
  • Pan-European COVID-19 cohorts: 1 project - EU funding: € 19.9 million
  • Collaboration of existing EU and international cohorts of relevance to COVID-19: 1 project - EU funding: € 3 million

For more information:

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