16 Sep 2019

Business Europe publishes strategy paper on R&I in the new European political cycle


Business Europe has published a strategy paper on "Research and Innovation in the new European political Cycle". In its paper, the business association states the following key messages:

  • Research and innovation is a societal imperative. We constantly need to invent new solutions to tackle major challenges facing us such as climate change, the ageing population, poverty, cancer or other illnesses. It is also highly important for companies which constantly need to innovate to stay competitive in the global marketplace.
  • European companies are at the technological forefront in several strategic industrial sectors. BusinessEurope’s survey shows that nine out of ten companies plan to increase their research, development and innovation (RDI) investments in Europe over the next five years. EU companies are also expecting an increase of their investments outside Europe.
  • In light of this acceleration of the global innovation race and a fast-changing world, EU business calls for deeper and faster progress at EU-level in four priority fields: i) more and smart public investments, ii) “fit-for-innovation” regulations, iii) skilled people and iv) enhanced collaboration.
  • In this new EU political cycle, it is crucial that the EU moves forward in these four priority fields. In certain cases, this can be achieved with a smarter implementation of existing policies. In others, it requires more ambitious decisions or brand-new initiatives. BusinessEurope puts forward 30 concrete policy measures to make this ambition a reality. All are designed with the objective of strengthening the impact.

To download the Business Europe strategy paper, click here.