27 Jun 2019

83 successful SMEs in latest round of EIC Accelerator Pilot


The European Commission (EC) has announced that EIC Accelerator Pilot grants (previously known as the SME Instrument Phase 2) to the amount of €149 million will be awarded to 83 SMEs and startups. The SMEs and startups are all developing innovations, such as next generation of safe and environmentally-friendly light aircrafts; anti-bacterial textile for hospitals; 3D audio software; motion planning technology for autonomous driving; and a superbot for audio calls. From Austria, 5 SMEs have been successful in this round.

List of beneficiaries 

In addition, the Commission announced 53 new EIC Pathfinder pilot grants to the amount of €164 million for bottom-up high-risk, high-impact research ideas (previously known as FET Open). Projects include metal-free MRI contrast agents; treatment to replace antibiotics in lung infection diseases; custom-crafted graphene nanostructures; precise measuring and monitoring of highly penetrating particles in deep space; artificial proteins for biological light-emitting diodes; and many other ideas. 14 Austrian universities and research institutes are participating in 13 successful projects. Three of them are coordinated by Austria (two by the University of Vienna, one by the University of Linz)

List of funded projects