Baseline Study on Missions in Austria


Austrian research, technology and innovation policy needs to address societal challenges as well as the associated necessary transformative developments and to implement concrete measures – not least in response to the five missions formulated by the EU. For this reason, the RTI Task Force of the Austrian Federal Government has formed a working group, which has taken over the coordination of the EU missions in Austria. Mission Action Groups have been defined in each Mission Area in Austria, which essentially drive forward the pre-coordination, prioritisation and development work in the Mission Areas.

The aim of the analysis of the “Baseline Study” is to ascertain the status quo and the potential of the Austrian RTI landscape with regard to mission-oriented research in the five missions mentioned (Cancer, Cities, Climate, Soil, Waters) and to present it to the extent possible. On the basis of the investigation, an initial competence and resource map for the further development of the missions is made available, corresponding to the EU missions.