ERC Annual Report 2012


The European Research Council's (ERC's) Annual Report for 2012 provides information on the main achievements of the ERC in 2012. Among these achievements were the rising number of applications, with almost 3,000 ongoing frontier research projects in more than 500 European research institutions; the great appreciation of ERC schemes by the European research community; and the awarding of a Nobel Prize in Physics to an ERC grantee. Furthermore, the annual ERC report gives a detailed review of the highlights of 2012. It also provides an overview of ERC calls from 2007-2012 as well as the work of the ERC Scientific Council and the ERC Executive Agency. The ERC stands for a new approach towards investing in European frontier research. It aims at strengthening excellence and creativity as well as dynamism in European research by funding top-quality investigator-driven projects. The ERC consists of an autonomous Executive Agency which deals with the operational management, and an independent Scientific Council which includes distinguished scientists, scholars and engineers. This Council establishes and monitors the implementation of the ERC strategy. The ERC offers five grant and funding schemes .