Legal Basis


“Horizon 2020” is the name of the EU Framework Programme for research and innovation 2014-2020. It is built upon three pillars which support research and innovation for "Excellent Science", "Industrial Leadership" and for tackling seven "Societal Challenges".

Other priorities are addressed across all three pillars of Horizon 2020: e.g. social and economic sciences and humanities; international cooperation and the gender dimension are integrated in all research fields.

Horizon 2020 is also intended to contribute to the functioning of the European Research Area and of the Innovation Union, as well as to other Europe 2020 flagships (e.g. the Digital Agenda).

In total, a budget of euro 79.4 billion has been allocated to Horizon 2020 (incl. EURATOM). This is an increase of approximately 30 percent in real terms compared to the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

As Horizon 2020 puts a stronger focus on innovation actions than earlier Framework Programmes for Research, the “European Institute of Innovation and Technology” (EIT) and parts of the former “Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme” (CIP) have been integrated into Horizon 2020.

This section provides documents on which Horizon 2020 and its related activities are based.