Report of the Joint Programming Conference 2013


In 2008, the joint programming concept was introduced with the aim of tackling the grand societal challenges. Ten Joint Programming Initiatives have been established since then, along with the High Level Group on Joint Programming (GPC). The GPC’s task is to guide and provide political framing of the joint programming process.

The Joint Programming Conference in Dublin on 28 February – 1 March 2013 was organised in this context to gather national policy makers, programme managers, European Commission representatives and delegates from research institutions to discuss the achievements so far and the steps for the (near) future. Topics included aspects relevant to implementation, such as the Strategic Research Agenda, Framework Conditions and Synergies with Horizon 2020 as well as aspects relating to the societal impact. Member states need to renew their commitment to joint programming and engage fully in the alignment of national research programmes, in order to unlock the potential of joint programming and move from planning to implementation.