Neurodegenerative Diseases JPND


One of the grand challenges Europe is facing is the ageing of the European population. The median age in Europe is rising continuously, and therefore there is a decline in the fraction of the population consisting of children, and an increase in the fraction of the population that is elderly.

This shift in the distribution of Europe´s population towards advanced age poses some specific problems. For instance, the increasing number of diagnosed cases of neurodegenerative diseases - especially Alzheimer´s disease - is closely related to an ageing population.

Against this background, the Council in September 2008 (and in December 2008) called for a Joint Programming pilot initiative in the area of neurodegenerative diseases with its respective Conclusions "concerning a common commitment by the Member States to combat neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer's disease". Thus Member States and Associated States decided to develop a pilot Joint Programming Initiative for combating neurodegenerative diseases on a voluntary basis. The Council Competitiveness adopted the respective Conclusions at its meeting on 3 December 2009, in which it called on Member States to implement this pilot Joint Programming Initiative. For more detailed information visit the JPI website: .


Ms. Hemma Bauer
Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Mr. Oliver Mayer