Creating the ERA "Bottom-up"


Cross-border Research Cooperation in Europe - Contributions from National Research Organisations

The objective of this survey is to throw light on the current level of direct cooperation between research organisations (Research Funding Organisations and Research Performing Organisations) and researchers of different countries within the European Research Area. An analysis has been carried out in which fields cross-border cooperation exists, works particularly well, and where obstacles persist.

In January 2009, a High Level Workshop of the Research Ministers of several European countries and the Heads of European Research Councils (EUROHORCs) was organised in Lisbon. The workshop focused on 'implementing the ERA: Joining Forces at National Level' . As a result of this workshop, Ministers asked EUROHORCs to explore the current status of the European Grants Union by surveying existing cross-border collaborations and joint projects. EUROHORCs subsequentiy mandated the European Science Foundation to conduct this survey.