Directive for Third Country Nationals


This proposal for a directive establishes the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purpose of research, studies, student exchange, training with or without remuneration, voluntary service and au pairing to the territory of the Member State for a period exceeding three months. The directive should create more favourable conditions for third-country nationals to access the labour market. It also provides applicants who meet the admission requirements as set out in this proposal, with a long-stay visa or residence permit. The directive should facilitate intra-EU mobility for students and researchers and increases the rights of students to work part-time. It also allows students and researchers, to stay in the territory for a period of 12 months after finalising their research work. Member States are obliged to decide on a visa application or application for a work permit within 60 days. The researcher’s family members can move between Member States together with the researcher to a certain extent.