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Framework Conditions


The Council Conclusions on Joint Programming of 2 December 2008 encouraged Member States, with the support of the European Commission, to consider how best to find common approaches to a number of issues, usually referred to as “Framework Conditions”, that are thought to be essential for an effective development and implementation of Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs).

These framework conditions include:

  • Peer-review procedures
  • Foresight activities
  • Evaluation of Joint Programmes
  • Funding of cross-border research by national or regional authorities
  • Optimum dissemination and use of research findings
  • Protection, management and sharing of intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, in the cited Conclusions, the Council gave the GPC (dediacted configuration of ERAC for Joint Programming issues) the mandate to work on these Framework Conditions. Subsequently the GPC worked out "Voluntary Guidelines on Framework Conditions for Joint Programming".

In its Conclusions of 29 November 2010 (17166/10), the Council welcomed the "Voluntary Guidelines" and asked for their regular review in the light of new experience in the JPIs.

In 2012, the JPI ToCoWork Project ( was started, funded from FP7, to support JPIs in applying the "Voluntary Guidelines".

In 2013, a working group within the GPC was established to work on a follow-up to the "Voluntary Guidelines" building, inter alia, on the work of the ToCoWork project.




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